Given our lifestyles of material abundance, energetic variability, and stress/pressures on our living space and time, how do we design our lives to be cleanly centered on what is good, essential, necessary and beautiful? …

Recap of two years of writing on Yoga, Ayurveda, and more yoga

As 2020 wraps and we reflect on what we have experienced together, and in solitude, we can gather our lessons from the past and inspire a renewed vision for the holiday celebrations and new year to come.

I first began writing for Medium in 2018, having just moved from DC…

Working with the yogic practice of Pratyahara, and your vision, to See clearly

me practicing Ashtanga; photo by Carly Arnwine

Of all the infinite energies of our environment, our experience of life is determined by what we choose to perceive. We notice our role in our own experience of life when we draw our senses back from their favorite reaches. And when we see the nature of our particular relationship…

Megna Paula

yogi | artist | duke alum | east village nyc | teaching: |

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